The Studio

Our Story

Welcome to North2North Studio, your premier destination for creative excellence.


With over two decades of experience, we pride ourselves on collaborating with a diverse array of artists and brands to craft exceptional content.


Our journey began in the historic city of Rome, where our mastering studio first set its roots.


Since then, North2North has expanded its horizons across Europe, establishing state-of-the-art studios and offices in the vibrant cities of Cannes and London. 


Join us at North2North, where your vision is transformed into reality through our dedication and innovative approach.


Our studio is a harmonious blend of cutting-edge software and high-quality recording equipment, meticulously selected to empower your musical vision.


But it’s not just about the latest technology; we also cherish the timeless sound of vintage hardware, offering a unique combination that elevates your music to new heights.


North2North Studio offers a streamlined suite of audio services: superior recording, expert mixing and mastering, creative production, immersive sound design, professional voice-over recording, and global music distribution through major online platforms.


Excellence in sound and service, all under one roof.

Recording Services

Experience superior recording quality at North2North Studio, where our advanced equipment in an acoustically optimized environment captures every detail of your performance.

Mixing & Mastering

Transform your tracks into sonic excellence with our expert Mixing and Mastering services. 

We blend technical precision with creative flair to ensure your music shines across all platforms, meeting the highest industry standards.

Production and Arrangement

Collaborate with our skilled producers to turn your musical ideas into captivating tracks. 

We offer a fusion of creativity and technical expertise, tailoring each project to your unique artistic vision.

Sound Design

Elevate your media projects with North2North Studio’s immersive Sound Design. 

Our team expertly crafts bespoke soundscapes that enhance narratives and engage audiences, ideal for films, games, and other multimedia experiences.

Voice Over Recording

Capture clear, compelling voice overs with  North2North Studio’s professional recording setup. 

Our studio provides the ideal environment for voice talents to deliver their best performances, suitable for a variety of media formats.

Distribution Services

Extend your reach with  North2North Studio’s Distribution Services. 

We offer seamless distribution of your music through major online distributors. We are registered with BMI, ensuring your work is accessible on popular platforms and reaches a global audience.


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Reach out to us for a personalized quote or to gather more information.


Whether you’re looking for expert advice, detailed service information, or an estimate for your project, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.


Contact us today and let’s start shaping your creative vision into an exceptional reality.